Speak Up, Speak Now. Owning Your Career from the Start.

Panel Lead: Carlin Dixon
How do you advocate for yourself in an industry where we make up only 4.4% of the population? From growing your influence to bringing your most authentic self to work, hear from leaders who didn’t shy away and got the career they’ve always wanted.

Mental Health Within Black Communities: Addressing Anxiety in the Workplace and Beyond

Panel Lead: Dyesha Hicks
Join leaders from across the creative industry as they discuss their own mental health journeys and learn key takeaways for how you can join in shifting the narrative when it comes to mental health.

What About Your Friends?: How Friendship Shapes Your Professional Path

Panel Lead: Blake Lynch & Faith McIver
Join us as we unlock the power of friendship used to create a thriving professional community. We’ll explore building & maintaining connections, and share insights to abolish the 'only room for one' mindset to amplify growth with peers & mentors.


Bringing together Black voices within the advertising community to celebrate success, highlight setbacks, and demand their rightful place at the table alongside their allies.